FCA Article 10 - Abuse & Neglect

Immigration Detention

If a litigant is detained in immigration jail, it does not mean s/he will be deported.

Non-citizen’s Access to Family Court Proceedings

  • A 2013 policy directive published by ICE ensures that detained parents may:
    • Participate in all family court proceedings
    • Participate in court-ordered visitation and other services
    • Be released in discretion
    • Be transferred to an immigration facility that allows for visitation and/or access to family court proceedings.
    • Be temporarily permitted to return to the U.S. under the supervision of immigration authorities, to participate in certain family court proceedings (i.e., regarding parental rights).
    • Return to the U.S. after deportation to participate in TPR proceedings.

How to Locate a Detainee

  • If a litigant is unavailable to the family court, with the litigant’s full name, country and DOB, OR the immigration file number (“A file number”) information may be located by accessing the following:
    • Detainee Locator
    • Immigration Court Info Line
      • To obtain information regarding the status of any current or past immigration court proceeding
      • (800) 898-7180